Mixing Blade

Due to changes in mixing purposes, barrel shape, speed, viscosity, etc., different types of stirring blades are used for different purposes. Different stirring blades are designed and selected according to various specifications. The ratio, the peripheral speed at the top of the impeller, the viscosity change during the stirring process and the flow range are all considered factors. There are many types of impeller agitators, which are divided into axial flow and radial flow according to the flow state of the fluid in the tank. The main factors that affect the mixing efficiency are as follows; and common types are provided for reference

1. Shape, diameter, sweep angle and tilt angle of the impeller of the mixer.

2. The number of layers of the impeller of the mixer and the height position of the installation.

3. The speed of the mixer impeller.

4. The shape, inner volume, number of baffles and external dimensions of the mixing tank.

5. Batch operation or continuous operation.

Biplane blade
Four-wing flat blade

crescent-shape-blade-1.jpg crescent-shape-blade-2.jpg

Three-wing airfoil

open-blade-2.jpgopen-blade-1.jpg open-blade-3.jpg
Butterfly blade

vortex-blade-1.jpg vortex-blade-3.jpgvortex-blade-2.jpg
Three-wing axial flow blade
homogenizing-blade-1.jpg homogenizing-blade-2.jpghomogenizing-blade-3.jpg
High-speed dispersion blade

Anchor blade
Umbrella self-expanding blade
Turbine blade

Fence blade