The main structure of the mixing machine includes motor, reducer and frame. 
The mixer includes shaft coupling, rotating shaft and blades etc. This page will provide simple descriptions for the main structure.


A: Motor

to select a motor, except for the basic requirements of the input power, the key is to be careful for the installation environment, including indoor, outdoor and flashing point of the mixing material to clearly identify it is indoor type, outdoor type and its anti-explosion grade (anti-explosion for safety or anti-explosion for pressure resistance), or even the pneumatic motor is selected. Our company will provide the most professional and the safest selection according to different environments.

B: Gear reducer

because there are so many types of speed reducers, their structures and efficiencies are quite different as well as the pricing. The installation and spaces could also be restricted. Our company provides several tens of different models to have the machine with light or heavy loading to be equipped with different speed reducers for cost saving, and, in addition, to meet the need of heavy duty model.

C: Base frame

because fierce dynamic loading generated by the mixing of the fluid, the motion stability and life of the mixing machine is determined by the structure of the supporting rack. Rotating speed, viscosity and capacity etc are the factors to be considered. We provide specified models for light, medium and heavy loading. All racks are precision processed to increase their operational stability.

D: Flange:

the flange surface that contacts the tank directly is prone to be spilt by water and eroded by air, so the selection of materials is very important. Our company will provide the most appropriate option for the customer's installation.

E: Seal

pressured container, reacting tank and toxic, stinking container etc should be perform insulation and air sealing. Typically they can be mechanical seal, oil seal, Gland seal and special composite insulation equipment. Applicable materials, maintenance and the cooling condition during operating process etc should be considered for a full scope.

F: Coupling

to stabilize the motion of connected driving shaft and mixer, we provide CF type flange shaft coupling for its solid structure that will connect the mixer with the mixing machine firmly and in a straight line. Light stirring equipment also provides CO type sleeve for selection. Specialized design can also be provided for specified quick dismantling design.

G: Mixing shaft

solid or tubular shaft can be selected with its straightness calibrated. Fine turning or polishing can be processed for high speed environment to help the customer select the most appropriate material and design the best combination of shaft diameter. Polishing and coating treatment is also available for customization.

H: Mixing blade

selection of the mixing blade will determine its stirring performance. Our company provides several different configurations of blades for customer's selection, and specifically designed blade for special purpose is also available. The best service can also be provided for material selection, processing and coating treatment.

I : Shaft support

when the mixer operate at a high speed, mixing in high viscosity material with high resistance or be placed and working in a deep tank, middle or bottom support should take into consideration. Except considering anti-corrosion and wear resistance for its liquid contact, easy for replacement and consumables selected are also the key points of design. For some containers that are unable to add supporting shaft due to coating and material concerns, our company will provide a different design.