Types of Colloid mill


We designed various types to enhance operating efficiency for different requirment,

including CM-H horizontal type, CM-V Vertical type, CM-M top-mounted type, 

CM-U bottom-mounted type. Customized design is also available.



 Cream, emulsion, ointment and tooth paste type for cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry.
 Fragrance, paste sauce, pectin, chocolate, ice, mayonnaise ect. emulsifying for food industry.  
 Melon fruit fiber, glue film, nuts, beans for thin grinding in agriculture.  
 Grinding for raw material of petroleum chemical, battery fluid, photoelectric coating material.
 Nanotechnology, biotechnology, recycle energy industry.  
 Chemical coating, Polymer modified asphalt, Agricultural chemical material.


CM-V type Vertical Colloid Mill
CM-H type Horizontal Colloid Mill

CM-M type Top entry Colloid mill
 CM-U type Bottom entry Colloid mill