HM-T Turbine Type

HM-T Flange installed type
HM-T Bridge installed type 

HM-T Adjustable bridge installed type

 Based on design of flow guiding blade plate, with strong self-sucking ability. Powder sucked into tank suddenly without floating on liquid surface.
 Self-pump, cutting, crushing, impacting function to complete disperse and emulsifying effectively.
 Blade wheel designed, no need ultra high speed to reach homogenize result and extend life of consumable material.
 Material of flange and material contacted section are stainless steel, comsumable material is anti-corrosion, without toxic, meets requirement of  pharmaceutical, food industry hygienic standard.
 Electrical system is based on IEC international standard specification, accessories are standardized, easy to maintenance.

The reference capacity shown on above chart is based on water as medium. The actual selected model will be decided by raw material viscosity and character.
Mechanical dimension (L) is based on standard product, for meet the best performance, actual dimension will be designed as customer's tank.
The liquid height (h) is for self-lubricated roller bearing. If liquid level is lower than roller bearing, it's prohibited to start the equipment.